2025 Tesla Model X Price & Release Date

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The 2025 Tesla Model X offers the performance and cachet that comes with the Tesla brand name but its gimmicks aren’t as compelling these days. The selection of premium electric crossovers has grown and improved. There are two X versions available, the first of which is the dual-motor base SUV with a 348-mile EPA-rated driving range and 670 horsepower. Even while the performance-focused Plaid variant is more expensive and produces an amazing 1020 horsepower, it still has a range of up to 333 miles between charges.

2025 Tesla Model X

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Its violent acceleration and excellent driving range are impressive. However, when you consider that neither of the Model X’s versions offers the high-end luxury ambiance one would anticipate with a six-figure price tag, we begin to doubt its value. New EV SUVs competitors like the BMW iX and Rivian R1S are more luxurious, quicker, and cheaper.

2025 Tesla Model X Interior

Tesla has always had interior designs that are austere and almost button-free. The distinctive yoke-style steering controller and digital gauge display that the driver uses can be frustrating to use and are challenging, if not impossible, to get used to. At least a standard steering wheel can be added without expense. The Tesla Model X seamless windshield/glass roof that extends from the base of the hood and up and over the front-seat occupants for an almost uninterrupted view of what lies ahead and what lies above is another distinctive feature. Despite these cutting-edge capabilities, the Model X’s interior leaves something to be desired, especially given that its price can well exceed six figures. It has unattractive air vents, misaligned panels, and flat-backed chairs with insufficient adjustability options.

2025 Tesla Model X Interior

Tesla Model X Engine Performance

Two electric motors, one at each axle of the front and rear wheels of the base 2025 Tesla Model X, are included as standard equipment to provide all-wheel drive. The setup is really quick: Tesla states that it takes 3.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph, yet in our tests, we were able to do it in 3.3 seconds. Although we haven’t yet confirmed its acceleration times at our test track, the 1020-hp, three-motor Plaid high-performance edition sports a stated zero-to-60-mph pace of 2.5 seconds. The Model S Plaid, the sedan version of the Model X, managed a viscera-compressing 2.1-second zero-to-60-mph performance when we tested it. Although the X has respectable handling, its electric motors’ powerful acceleration is what sets it apart from the competition.

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Battery Life, Charging, and Range

When ordering the speedier Plaid variant, the anticipated driving range is reduced to 333 miles from the tesla model x normal battery’s capacity of 348 miles. One of Tesla’s Superchargers, which is spread out across the nation, may be quickly recharged. Tesla provides in-home charging equipment for purchase. Charging at home using a 240V or 120V connection will be slower, but certainly more convenient for owners.

Tesla Model X Technology

Despite the Model X’s many technological marvels, there are some drawbacks. Bluetooth is a poor substitute for smartphone connection through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is a major downside. If you have a Tesla data plan or are connected to Wi-Fi, you can use the internet browser while your car is parked to do things like watch Netflix or view YouTube videos.

2025 Tesla Model X Design

The advanced driver assistance systems in the Model X didn’t perform as well as those in other Teslas we’ve examined. The lane centering feature appeared to favor the driver-side line over the center, and the adaptive cruise control was prone to false positive collision alerts. It’s very cool to see a real-time digital map of all the nearby automobiles and motorcycles, and we appreciate that the rearview camera is always available. Constant over-the-air upgrades that can include new features and system improvements, however, are one of Tesla’s greatest inventions. Additionally, the enormous center screen is the biggest in the sector and features amazing Google-based navigation along with clear visuals.

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2025 Tesla Model X Price

The Model X Plaid is priced at $138,990. The six-seat configuration and stronger tri-motor all-wheel drive system are standard on this trim, which otherwise has the same basic and add-on features as the base model.