Best Electric SUV for 2025, Jeep Avenger Reviews and Redesign

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The 2025 Jeep Avenger has great expectations. We’ll see if the production version can bear this weight. The STLA platform supports both the Avenger and its hybrid sister. the production will begin later this year. The car would be available in Europe, as well as Japan and South Korea, according to the business. North America and China, the world’s two biggest markets, really aren’t currently on the agenda. PSA must increase manufacturing in order to cut the vehicle’s price and make it competitive.

2025 Jeep Avenger Design

Jeep Avenger Interior

The interior of the Avenger boasts a sleek dashboard layout accentuated by a body-color panel that joins front pillars and contains integrated air vents. In addition to a 10.3-inch touchscreen entertainment system, the driver may choose between a 7.0- and 10.3-inch digital gauge cluster. There’s also a parcel shelf that runs across the dash and is ideal for storing small objects. Do you need to store larger items? The rear cargo space has a capacity of 13 cubic feet.

It has larger fenders, a wider track, and chunkier tires. There’s also more front illumination and a distinctive hood with a black logo and a blue-trimmed venting this matches those blue highlights on the front tow hooks. We had a limited opportunity to sit in a static display vehicle and discovered that the Avenger had slightly more rear-cabin space than the Mokka, as well as adequate headroom for individuals over six feet tall. The optional panoramic sunroof may have an effect here, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Jeep Avenger Style Concept

The Avenger is somewhat shorter than the already tiny Hyundai Kona Electric and Smart #1, as well as the Renegade SUV it will displace in Jeep’s portfolio. The compact Jeep EV, on the other hand, has a chunkier, more off-road-ready exterior than any of its competitors or sibling cars, due in part to large wheel arches and big black plastic front and side paneling.

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A blanked-out version of the brand’s signature seven-slot grille and the blue ‘e’ badging already seen on plug-in hybrid Jeeps can be found up front. The back has X-shaped tail lights and a softly sloping roofline. The Avenger is also significantly tall, and the short front and rear overhangs should aid maximize cabin space and improve approach and departure angles while tackling off-road inclines.

2025 Jeep Avenger range Engine

The Avenger has a 54kWh battery (51kWh of which is usable) that powers a single electric motor front drives models it produces 154bhp & 260Nm in performance. The claimed range of an FWD Avenger is 248 miles or up to 342 miles in stop-and-go city traffic.

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The 248-mile capacity of this Vehicle means it can drive around forty miles long, but it falls short of rivals like the Smart #1 or 64kWh Kia Soul EV. A 10-80% top-up should take roughly half an hour utilizing an appropriate fast rapid charger according to a Jeep’s battery charging speed of 100kW. A regular 7.4kW wall box, on the other hand, should fully recharge the 54kWh battery in around seven hours.

Jeep Avenger Performance

Performance data for the Avenger range are still being kept under wraps, as are any specifics regarding the upcoming all-wheel-drive variant’s engine. While the addition of an electric motor for the back wheels would almost probably increase energy consumption, we predict that the AWD Avenger will have a range of around 220 miles.

2025 Jeep Avenger Price

At the time of writing, clients in the United Kingdom could only order the Avenger in 1st Edition trim, which starts at £36,500.