2025 Lexus TX SUV Price, Specs, More Reviews

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The 2025 Lexus TX SUV is almost ready for production. The mid-size SUV will sit atop the RX, providing greater space and power. For a time, supporters believed that the TX would replace the GX, but with the registration of the GX550 nameplate, they can be certain of Lexus is expanding its portfolio.

2025 Lexus TX

Lexus is currently working on a number of projects. One of the more significant is the 2025 Lexus TX SUV. In addition, the automaker unveiled its new ICE platform for hydrogen fuel cells. It may seem like a far-fetched story, but the new Lexus TX 2025 could make use of such technology. Engineers will aim to make the SUV cleaner and then more efficient in any case. A hybrid powertrain is almost definite, although an all-electric variant is also an option. The state-of-the-art interior will include more intuitive driver-assist and safety features.

2025 Lexus TX Interior Design

We believe that the 2025 Lexus TX interior will be good, with three rows of seating, thereby providing a family-friendly alternative within the Lexus portfolio. Lexus is known for its superior interiors, and we expect the TX to live up to this standard. As we wait for the Lexus TX 2025 to be officially unveiled, we can expect it to be similar in size to the Toyota Grand Highlander, which is on the larger side of midsize SUVs.

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2025 Lexus TX Interior

Lexus has not published any additional details regarding the 2025 Lexus TX. According to media rumors, the new 2025 Lexus TX will have a more luxurious and roomy interior, as well as sophisticated entertainment and safety systems. Featuring a huge touchscreen display with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as is standard for all new large and premium SUVs. Don’t be concerned about its interior and exterior qualities. We will update this page as soon as possible with accurate facts.

2025 Lexus TX Specs Engine

The 2025 Lexus TX will require a lot of power as a huge SUV. The LX just ditched the V8 in favor of a turbocharged V6 powertrain. The new GX 550 is expected to follow suit. In addition, rather than a V6, the Lexus RX also has a turbocharged four-banger. As a result, engineers will pursue a smaller compressor engine for the TX compared to a larger displacement. It is certain to enhance mileage, but performance as a whole should improve if the vehicle uses a larger engine with more cylinders.

2025 Lexus TX Design

The Lexus already announced that the future mid-size luxury SUV would have a hybrid motor, therefore the 2025 Lexus TX is expected to be available with both diesel and hybrid versions, similar to the Lexus RX L. According to the company, when it appears, the new model will “join a varied, electrified lineup.”

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Furthermore, Lexus and Toyota are market leaders in hybrid vehicles. As a result, it will not be surprising if the 2025 Lexus TX receives such a powertrain. Again, the setup must fulfill demands and provide sufficient HP. Still, the emphasis will be on the zero-emission result. For this instance, the all-electric bZ system or the new ICE architecture represents the options.

When Will the 2025 Lexus TX Release Date?

For the time being, the business is working on a new SUV. Because the prototype is not yet complete, there will be no announcement. When the first images of the finished product become available, the company will introduce the 2025 Lexus TX SUV and provide us with additional information. Until then, we’ll have to wait and see what additional vehicles Lexus may release in the future.

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How Much Will the 2025 Lexus TX Cost?

The 2025 Lexus TX SUV will sit between the midsize RX and the three-row LX. That puts it in line with the off-road-oriented GX, which begins at slightly under $58,000 for 2023. We predict that the TX will be priced similarly.