New Volvo XC40 2025: Release Date, Price & More

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New Volvo XC40 2025 is a fashionable and trendy SUV with a sophisticated Scandinavian style both inside and out, as well as a variety of powertrain options including mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and even fully-electric variants. The XC40 is Volvo’s smallest SUV, but unlike competitors such as the BMW X1 and Audi Q3, it does not appear to be a scaled-down version of other models in the range; instead, it has its own personality. That isn’t to argue that some of Volvo’s most enticing features aren’t present.

2025 Volvo XC40

2025 Volvo XC40 Interior style and accessories

Volvo’s interior design has come a long way in the past decade or so. With one or two reservations, the XC40’s cabin is a class act. The inside is filled with interesting features that make the Volvo stand out. The door trims, armrests, and handles, for example, are composed of a single piece of plastic and have color-coded felt-lined inlays. On the one hand, it means there are some good-sized door bins, but it also looks attractive inside.

2025 Volvo XC40 Interior

In fact, one of the XC40’s distinguishing characteristics is its ingenious internal storage: the center armrest has a detachable part that doubles as a little waste paper bin and the wide, well-shaped boot has a pop-up barrier to keep shopping bags or loose objects in place. There’s also plenty of space for individuals in the interior, with wonderfully adjustable seats and lots of room in the rear.

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Every Volvo XC40 comes standard with a 9.0-inch touchscreen in portrait mode. It looks terrific, and if you go for the Recharge plug-in hybrid or completely electric variants, it comes with Google Automotive Services, including voice recognition and Google Assistant. Data for four years of operating applications and associated services are provided.

2025 Volvo XC40 Design

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This is where things get a little murky since while the mild hybrids have what appears to be the same screen, it does not run the Google operating system. That’s a good thing for many purchasers since it’s compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto while the Google system isn’t, which seems like a bit of an own goal to us. The absence of Apple CarPlay was remedied by an over-the-air upgrade in the summer of 2023. It’s unclear whether Android Auto will be included, considering the Google system currently provides many of the same tasks.

Performance and drive comfort

Being the smallest in Volvo’s SUV lineup is a distinct advantage around town. The XC40 seems more at home darting into traffic gaps than the bigger XC60 and XC90, and it will easily fit into tiny parking spots.

Volvo used to sell the XC40 with a manual transmission, but today every new XC40 comes with an automatic transmission. We doubt many purchasers would miss the manual transmission, which had a clumsy and uncomfortable shift. The automatic transmission changes smoothly and allows for a more calm drive on congested city streets.

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2025 Volvo XC40 Release Date & Price

The Volvo EX90 can now be reserved after the highly awaited 2025 model has been revealed. If you’ve reserved one, you can start customizing it in the fall of 2022, and deliveries are anticipated to start in early 2025. Contact Volvo Cars Richmond to get started. We can assist you in placing your Volvo EX90 pre-order right away. The Volvo XC40 is priced between £35,835 and £77,495. However, carwow can save you an average of £5,214. If you pay cash, the price starts at £31,816. Payments begin at £379 per month. The starting price for a used Volvo XC40 on carwow is £18,950.